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Our team at Valmart is excited to announce the integration of automated customer service into our already excellent customer service department. We understand that technology has forever altered the world and we are doing our part to utilize this technology to benefit our customers. This page is an informational document intended to educate readers on the value of automated customer service.

Our Team's Customer Service

Valmart currently only has the option for person-to-person customer service. We understand that this interpersonal customer service connection is important to ensure quality, however we also know that the option for automated customer service is important as well. We are pleased to announce the integration of automated customer service into our preexisting customer service program. With the option of automated customer we can guarantee that our customer service will provide our customers with the absolute best customer service experience possible.

Keeping Up With The Times Edit

Valmart understands that nearly all professional companies offer some form of computer generated customer service. Our automated customer service will not only meet the expectations of our customers, but they will exceed their expectations. We all have used some form of automated customer service with some company and have experienced high levels of frustration. Automated customer service does not have to be this way, the main purpose is to avoid frustration and save you time. This is why we have spared no dollar in creating our proficient and user friendly customer service system.

The Benefits of Valmart's Automated Customer Service Edit

Our automated will save our customers time and frustration. We promise you that you will not have to deal with the typical computer generated voice telling you to "repeat that" after everything you say. Our system has the capability of directing your call based on your needs without errors.

This system will also save the company money. What does this mean for the customer? Lower prices on products they purchase at the store. This system will not cut jobs it will simply let our existing customer service representatives serve you better.

Our system also gives you an immediate option to speak with a customer service representative. We will not force you to sit through numerous options just to be transferred. With the best of both worlds we know you will always have a great experience with Valmart.

Our Solutions To Some Common Frustrations Edit

Some other companys' automated services use low quality programs that pick up background noise easily, which confuses the system and needs for you to repeat what you said multiple times. We do not have that low quality program which means you do not have that frustration. It is always recommended you go into a quite room when placing a call, but our system will not pick up as much background noise as other programs do.

The Benefits Of Our Customer Service Representatives Edit

Our representatives can answer any specific questions you may have that are not listed on the automated service's questions list.

Valmart's representatives also provide a interpersonal connection with their customers, which is something a computer program cannot do. For some this may relieve stress and provide a better overall experience. Our customer service representatives can connect to our customer's emotions which an automated service cannot do.

So Why Not Just Use Human Customer Service Representatives? Edit

Although Valmart's customer service representatives are very well trained and provide excellent service to all of our customers there can be a waiting period due to the amount of call volume. Automated customer service is the solution to this wait time. Valmart also gives the customer the option to a call back number with a representative so they do not have to wait on hold. We understand your time is important and we do not want to waste it.

The Valmart Customer Service Difference Edit

Automated customer service will never be used as an only option it will just be a time saving supplement to human customer service. Saving our customers time is important, but we understand that human service is just as important.

Our automated customer service is very user friendly and does not come with a long list of options to select from avoiding unnecessary frustration and confusion.

With our call back option customers never have to wait on hold for long periods of time saving our customers time and hassle.

Final Thoughts Edit

The Valmart team can't wait to provide all of our customers with our new services. We know that our customers will be satisfied with our new features. We embrace the future and all of the exciting new changes our customers will see. We can't wait to provide you with the best shopping experience possible. And as always thank you for being a loyal Valmart customer.

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